Personal Assistance Service

Personal assistance service is provided in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care of The Municipality of Tartu.

During the period 01.01.2023-31.12.2023, the service is provided on the basis of procurement contract no 22-4496.

The personal assistent helps physically and/or visually impaired person in daily activities according to special needs and guidance of the client. The personal assistance may include assisting in moveing, eating, dressing, communicating, performing hygiene procedures, writing, reading, performing everyday household tasks, etc.

All operations are performed by the personal assistant in cooperation with the client and in accordance with the client’s instructions.

For example:

  • Reads a book, documents or other reading to a visually impaired person
  • Helps a person in a wheelchair to move around in a wheelchair and transfer if necessary
  • Helps the disabled person to get acquainted with the goods in the shop, place them in the basket
  • Helps people with reduced mobility to wash, dress, tidy
  • Works with a disabled person to help with writing, document management
  • Assists the disabled person with domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning


Support person

Family member


Cheerful and tolerant,

Conscientious and trustworthy,

Exact about times and arrangements,

Ready for some physical exercise,

Take contact or 53232667.

You’ll be invited to a job interview. During that the job is introduced and we’ll find out if the job suits you as well as which client would suit you

There will be a rehearsal day with a specific person who will explain in more detail the needs according to his/her disability. By mutual agreement, an authorization agreement shall be concluded.

Performed on the basis of an agency agreement between NGO Händikäpp, personal assistant and the client (disabled person).

Salary € 5.22 per hour. You can work full time or part time. Part-time work may be appropriate alongside other work or studies.

At higher workloads (at least 126 working hours per month in 2023), you will receive health insurance.

The work is routinfree in terms of time and tasks.

In addition, work gives you the feeling that you’ve been useful and done something good.



Monday at 10.15-17.00

Tuesday at 10.15-17.00

Thursday at 10.15-17.00

On the first working day of the month (report day) at 10.15 – 17.30 (if no changes have been announced)

Rohkem infot:

MTÜ Händikäpp

Teguri 26b, Tartu


Margit Rosental-Tustit


Phone: 53232667

Book Keeper

Ave Jaakson